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Shotokan is a school of karate, that is practiced by members of the Academy is developed from various older okinawan martial arts forms by Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957) and his son Yoshitaka Funakoshi (1906-1945). Gichin Funakoshi is widely recognized as having brought karate from Okinawa to mainland Japan, although Kenwa Mabuni, Ch? ki Motobu, and other Okinawan karate masters were actively teaching karate in Japan prior to this point.

Shotokan is one of the five major traditional Japanese karate styles,and it began as a unified karate school that developed into the Japan Karate Association, Shotokan now exists as several independent organizations.

Shoto meaning pine waves, was Funakoshis, and accomplised poet, pen-name, which he used in his poetic and philosophical writings and messages to his students. The Japanese kan means house or hall. In honour of their sensei, Funakoshis students created a sign reading sh?t?-kan which was placed above the entrance of the hall where Funakoshi taught. Gichin Funakoshi never gave his style a name, just calling it karate.


Sex, age and physical condition are not barriers. The Shotokan method of teaching allows anyone to take part in the practice sessions and to learn Karate. Men, women and children of all ages, fit and unfit, take part, progress and enjoy the exciting art of Karate-do.


You will enter an informal, friendly, relaxed and helpful environment. Aggression and violence have no place in the practice of Karate. You will meet your instructors, they will talk to you about the practice of Karate, help you warm up, stretch and assess your condition. You will join a group of other students and begin the session. Each group will be led by an experienced Karate teacher and the session will be paced to suit the learning needs and the physical condition of the individuals in the group.


The most obvious benefits are, self defense, physical fitness, the co-ordination of mind and body, improved confidence and sensitivity, increased flexibility and movement, the skill to control stress and to manage your emotional states, and of course meeting new people and making new friends. These are the obvious benefits, but there are more, as the learning from the practice sessions are integrated into your everyday life, the less obvious, can become more important. Ways of thinking that will help you get more from your life, learning about relationships, communications and leadership. Strategies that will help you overcome fearful situations, skills for changing old habits and achieving personal congruence. All of these and more can be found in the practice of Karate-do. We do not intend to suggest that this is a short process, but with the guidance of your Instructors and the back up of the Academy, we hope you enjoy each step towards proficiency.

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Name: Shotokan Karate-Do Association Nepal.

ESTD: 2010 AD

Type of Organization: Non-Profit Organization – Sports Karate

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